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TikToker, 26, Sparks Heated Debate On Her "Stay-At-Home GF" Lifestyle

Happy couple toasting with Champagne during dinner at dining table.

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26 year old TikToker Rose Davis started posting videos showing her day-to-day routine as a stay at home girlfriend. She documents cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and restocks, and pretty much all of your standard homemaker tasks. She also shows her self care trips to get her hair and nails done or driving around with her partner in his fast cars.

Her partner is a financial investor who also owns some real estate and encouraged her to take care of the at home tasks while he covered the financial aspects of their relationship. In another video she posted that her partner wanted her to "enjoy her life without working" and that he pays for her "hair appointments, manicures and pedicures, lashes, botox, laser hair removal, clothes, and makeup."

While some tiktokers were jealous of her lifestyle, others were critical.

The comments on the viral video - which now has over 1 million views - seemed to be split between wishing for her life and admonishing it. One user wrote "How does it feel to live my dream vvv lucky gal" and another wrote "Idk how this is peoples dream life? You would get so bored of not having something proper to do surely".

Rose had her own thoughts on the users coming for her choices in the comment section.

Her response garnered a similar mix of comments with some insisting that she's going to get bored or feel unfulfilled and others insisting that she's life goals. One user wrote "Feminism is all about choice for me, if your happy girl keep doing you!"

Whether you love it or hate it, it's her life and this is the choice her and her partner made together. Stay at home life isn't for everyone, but it certainly seems like it suits her!

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