All The Newly Released Details About Taylor Swift's Stalker's Trial


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Taylor Swift's alleged stalker, David Crowe, has been found unfit to stand trial. The suspect is now being admitted to a mental health facility instead.

Crowe, arrested three times within a short span, faced charges for repeatedly lurking outside Swift's New York apartment.

Despite a scheduled hearing on February 7, a court-ordered mental evaluation kept him at Riker's Island. Psychiatric assessments and a review of his criminal record have led to the dismissal of the criminal case by law.

Crowe, accused of appearing near Swift's residence 30 times in two months, is charged with stalking, harassment, and criminal contempt. A protective order, issued after his second arrest, prohibited contact with Swift. However, Crowe's deliberate violation resulted in another arrest and contempt charges. Currently held on $100,000 bail, Crowe awaits further hearings.

The dismissal of the criminal case entails Crowe's commitment to a mental health facility for necessary treatment.

Legal representative Katherine LeGeros Bajuk explained that Crowe is not fit to proceed, as determined by medical evaluations.

Swift, recently touring in Tokyo, is expected to attend a future hearing on the matter.

Crowe's case underscores the complex issue of individuals deemed unfit for trial potentially remaining in custody for extended periods.

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