Surprise 'Freaky Friday' Reunion Just Broke The Internet

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Jamie Lee Curtis shocked her fans on Friday with a Freaky Friday reunion!

The 64-year old actress posted a selfie on Instagram featuring herself and Lindsay Lohan. The post depicted Curtis holding a beaming 37-year-old Lohan close, accompanied by a caption expressing admiration for Lohan's growth:

"Too late. YOU GREW UP and SO BEAUTIFULLY! Well, it’s Friday, and the strike is over so hopefully, we can switch places again in the near future!"

Curtis hinted at the possibility of swapping roles again in the future, referencing the 2003 Disney film where they played mother and daughter who switch bodies.

In an interview with in November 2022, Curtis revealed discussions about a sequel to the popular flick. She emphasized the film's nostalgia, particularly among those who grew up with it and are now sharing it with their own children.

Curtis envisioned a sequel involving an older character swap, with Lohan playing a "hot grandma" and Curtis navigating modern parenting challenges.

The Oscar winner expressed continuous support for Lohan, even reposting a photo of Lohan's baby bump during her pregnancy. Curtis, a close friend and Hollywood mentor to Lohan, openly celebrated Lohan's journey into motherhood, expressing excitement for her new role. Lohan, in turn, shared that Curtis offered helpful parenting advice.

Lohan welcomed her first child with husband Bader Shammas in July.

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