Rosalia & Travis Scott Drop Fire New Collab 'TKN'

Rosalía & Travis Scott are after that number one spot!

On Thursday (May 27), the Spanish singer-songwriter and Houston-born rapper unleashed their latest collab, "TKN."

The upbeat track, sung in both English and Spanish, is the perfect fusion of Rosalía's contemporary flamenco sound and Travis' electronic beats as the two rap and sing about swearing off new friends while comparing their close circle to that of the mafia, even going as far to cite codes of honor like the Omertà (the Sicilian law of silence) when mentioning their friendships.

“There are levels for everything in this life/ We don’t f**k with people we don’t know,” Rosalía sings. “No new friends or new wounds.”

The single's music video, directed by CANADA, parallels the mob boss-esque lyrics as Rosalía portrays a protective mother to a pack of unruly children, who, while running wild in the streets of Los Angeles, look after her just as she looks after them.

The "Juro Que" singer opened up about working with Travis on their second collab — the two previously worked together on his “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” remix, released in December 2019 — in a statement, saying, “Travis is an artist who I’ve admired a lot since the beginning of his career and I can’t imagine a better artist to collaborate with on this song. I feel that now is the moment to release this song, after so many months of staying indoors, missing freedom or being with people we love. I hope ‘TKN’ gives you energy, makes you dance, and gives you strength if you’re going through difficult times.”

Photo: Getty Images

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