LSU Fan Set Up A GoFundMe To Get Clemson A New Mascot

How about that game last night? I know a lot of people are upset, but come on, pretty cool to make it to the championship so pat yourself on the back for that if you are a Clemson fan.

LSU beat out the Clemson Tigers with a final score of 42-25. It was a great game, or so what I watched before I decided to go to bed.

LSU fans are being pretty snobby about the win...well at least when it comes to Clemson's mascot. A LSU fan set up a go fund me account in hopes to raise 1k to get Clemson a new mascot that is less scary. As of now, the total has surpassed that and is at $1,602.

LSU has been talking crap to Clemson all week this overboard? I don't all fairness....the mascot is a little creepy.....

Here's the gofundme account:

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