UPS Pet Pages Have Gone Viral On Social Media

So what started as a little online community for pet-loving UPS workers back in 2013 is now a viral social media sensation. Now, more than 1.6 million fans have liked the UPS Dogs page on Facebook while more than 584,000 have chose to follow UPS Dogs on Instagram and nearly 18,000 follow UPS Dogs on Twitter. The creator of the page didn’t expect it to get so popular. He originally posted a collection of photos he took of the dogs he met throughout his UPS route in Hagerstown, Maryland. But once the respective social media accounts were established, UPS drivers began sharing photos of the furry friends they met during their travels. And now, it's really blown up! The creator of the page and his colleague have received enough submissions to schedule posts months in advance. They have post lined up all the way through April. If you wanna put a smile on your face, check out their pages. Here's a video of dogs that love UPS. Too cute.