There's A Petition To Make Baby Yoda An Emoji

Baby Yoda is the cutest thing to ever happen in the world of TV or movies. He needs an emoji. Thankfully, someone has already gotten the ball rolling on a petition to make one. 12,000+ people have already signed it as I'm typing this, with the goal being 15,000 signatures. I think we can blow that goal out of the galaxy! There would be so many uses for a Baby Yoda emoji! You would never have to type out the word "cute" again, you'd just have to put Baby Yoda's emoji. When you're feeling the force is especially strong, Baby Yoda! If I ever get asked out on a date to eat soup, throw the soup bowl straight in the trash, give me Baby Yoda sipping cups. It would take about 2 minutes for Baby Yoda to replace the laughing crying emoji as my most used emoji.

Come on people, let's make this happen!

Sign the petition here:

Also, please enjoy some memes.

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