Mom Shares Christmas Hack To Prevent Your Kids From Begging For Toys

A mom got tired of her daughter throwing a tantrum every time she couldn't get a toy she wanted in the store, so she came up with a simple hack that stopped all the whining and crying. It worked so good she shared it on her social media accounts, and now it's gone viral.

The hack is to take a picture for Santa. Simple as that.

Tell your child when they want something (or everything) that they need to take a picture with it so you can send it to Santa. Once the picture is done, show it to them, and send it off. Of course you can send it to Gramma, your significant other, Auntie, or whoever. If you really wanted to go the extra mile you could create a "contact" on your phone and name it Santa. Many parents have said it worked for them, too.

Can't hurt to try it, right?

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