A 20 foot Leg Lamp Is Now Outside The "A Christmas Story" House!

"A Christmas Story" is a beloved Christmas movie, and thanks to that one channel on TV that plays the movie on repeat for 24 hours on Christmas day most of us can quote many of the scenes.

You'll shoot your eye out!

I can't put my arms down!

Yellow eyes, he had yellow eyes!

Frah-gee-lay...must be Italian.

Ohhhh fudge!

Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!

We could go on and on, but lets move on to one of the most iconic scenes in the movie-- the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window. The leg lamp! The most famous lamp in the world, the major award, has been replicated in life size lamps, and smaller novelty lamps, and now there is a 20 foot tall version right outside the real Christmas story house itself.

The owners of the house really love and embrace the movie, because at one point, there was a gigantic deranged Easter bunny outside...

The house is open year round for tours and you can even stay there overnight, so if you're ever in the Cleveland area, it's definitely a must-see.

Find out more at https://www.achristmasstoryhouse.com/

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