83 Year Old Man's Christmas Wish To Hear His Song On The Radio Came True

An 83 year old man named Johnny Gondesen used to be in a country and western band back in 1965, and back then he wrote a Christmas song for his kids. The song is called "Christmas Is Here," and his kids say it has been their favorite Christmas song their whole lives, but it never got released. Since it was written way back when it has a classic, old-timey feel to it, and the family wanted to share it with the world. They made a YouTube video and put it out to download. Johnny says he doesn't care if it ever makes him any money, he just knows that his kids love it and he wants other kids to hear it, too. A radio station in his hometown heard about Johnny and now they're playing the song, CNN picked up the story and talked about it, and now more and more people are hearing it so it looks like Johnny's Christmas wish is coming true.