Boy Gets Surprise Of His Life From New Zealand Radio Station

WARNING: I only made it a few seconds into this video before I started bawling. Meet young Alize from New Zealand. Alize has been a wonderful big brother and caretaker for his disabled younger brother Andre. Alize's grandmother called up a radio station to tell them about how much love he shows towards his family, especially his younger brother, and they in turn gave him the surprise of his life. I could tell just by Alize's reaction that he's a good kid and has the biggest heart. At the end, one of the first things he thinks about is telling his grandmother thank you. Oohhhhhhh, Lord the whole thing is so beautiul I can barely handle it! I'll be crying the rest of the day over this!!

P.S. Could little baby sister BE any cuter??? Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!