You Can Get Texts From Santa!

A company called SlickText wants to help spread holiday cheer this Christmas by hooking you up with Santa's number. Santa moves with the times and he texts people now! It might sound silly, but you never know when you might need to put a smile on your face with a cheerful, unexpected text message. The content is free, family friendly, will come once every 5 days starting December 1st, and then once a day in the week leading up to Christmas.

The very first thing you might be wondering when reading this is, will this put my number on a spam list?

SlickText says nope- your phone number will only be used to send you texts from Santa. You won’t be asked to buy anything and you won’t be contacted again after Christmas. If at any point you want to stop receiving texts from Santa you can always reply STOP to opt out. We’re just doing this to spread Christmas cheer.

If you want Santa to text you Christmas jokes, sayings, recipes, and facts, you can sign up at

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