Friendly Reminder- Put Your Frozen Turkey In The Fridge Today!

One of the biggest mistakes that rookie Thanksgiving chefs make is that they don't defrost their frozen turkey in enough time for the big day. 3 days in the refrigerator is a good rule of thumb to defrost your turkey, especially if it's on the larger side.

If you have a frozen turkey you need to put it in your refrigerator TODAY so that it will be defrosted in time for cooking on Thursday. If you haven't bought your turkey yet, just be aware that most of the big grocery stores sell turkeys frozen, so you should really make a run to the store today. Once you get it home, put it on a sheet pan to catch any drippings and put it on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. You don't want to put it on one of the higher shelves,because of the danger of any drippings seeping down on to your raw produce.

Now, if you're seeing this on Tuesday or Wednesday, don't worry, all is not lost!

You can do a quick defrost using cold water. It will still take some time, for example an 11 pound turkey will probably take around 5 hours to defrost. Watch this video:

Hopefully this helps you get your Thanksgiving off on the right start. Good luck on creating a delicious meal and don't stress too much. If you want some more cooking tips, Chef John from is one of my all-time favorite to watch.

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