Netflix and Nickelodeon Are Teaming Up

When Disney+ released it captured us much that Netflix realized they needed to step their game up. So...THEY DID. Netflix is teaming up with Nickelodeon for a multi-year deal that will bring some pretty exciting animated content...EVEN A SPINOFF Of SpongeBob focused on Squidward. Cannot wait to watch a show about a grouch who loves music. Ha!

That is not all that is coming...nope...all your favorite shows you used to watch as a kid back in the 90's are coming. Wild Thornberrys....YUP....As Told By know it....even a Rugrats revival!

I am all nostalgic right now. I mean the 90's were the best and now I have Disney+ and soon all my favorites from Nick coming to Netflix. This is amazing.

Maybe next Devil Sticks and Hacky Sacks will make a comeback? Who knows! I am down either way.

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