Ladies, Is It Wrong For Your Man to Buy Your Best Friend Flowers?

A girl named Abigail has a boyfriend named Max. They are a sweet young couple, just look at them.

Abigail, Abi for short, has a best friend named Stephanie. Steph was going through a tough time because she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. As any good best friend would do, Abi spent the night giving her best friend a shoulder to cry on. While she was there, Max texted her asking if he could send Steph flowers.

Max says "I wanted to cheer her up and do something nice for her and show her not all guys are so *@#$!"

Abi thought it would be sweet, especially since Max and Steph are "so close," so she okayed it, and Max sent the flowers that night.

Then she tweeted about it, saying that Max knows if he's dating her, he's dating her friends, too.

Soon after, the jokes started and the tweet went viral.

The internet wanted to know who would buy her flowers when her boyfriend and bestie hooked up.

Some questioned the whole scenario.

Others just flat out wouldn't allow it.

However, not everyone is so cynical, some people thought it was a sweet gesture.

As for Abi herself, she hasn't changed her mind, she says she's just happy that her friend is happy...Max has a heart of gold and he cares about the people I keep close to me, which is everything I could ask for in a boyfriend."

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