If You Have Verizon Unlimited, You Can Get Disney+ Free For A Year

Disney+ launched today and it is all the buzz. If you are hesitant to sign up for another monthly bill, you might still be able to enjoy it.

Verizon has announced that you can get Disney+ free for a year on them.

If you already have Verizon, or are willing to switch, this might be a great way to see what Disney+ has to offer before you start paying for it.

The deal is available if you are on their Unlimited plan. If you are, just add Disney+ to your account. If you have one of their other plans, you'll can step up to Unlimited, then you can add Disney+. They are also using this as an incentive for people to switch over to Verizon, and you can also get it by switching over to FIOS home internet.

Find out more on Verizon's website HERE

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