Disney+ Is Having Some Issues

I totally called this yesterday! Of course Disney+ is having issues right now...literally everyone and their mom is trying to get on the new streaming service and watch all their favorite shows, movies, 90's originals, and shorts.

We all have been dreaming of this day for a very long time and it is finally here, but unfortunately some of us cannot watch anything yet....that would be me. I did get about 15 minutes into Zenon: Girl of The 21st Century before it shut down...but I am patient...and I mean, I had to go to work anyways. Ha.

Like any new streaming service, launch day problems and crashes are sure to happen. This morning users reported error messages, like "sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later." Literally what I am looking at right now.

Disney says they are working quickly to address the problem. Don't be upset though, it was bound to happen and they will get it fixed. You can watch The Mandalorian later...like when you aren't working.


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