Epic Fail: Student's Half Court Shot To Win Money Doesn't Go So Well!

Talk about some bad luck! A student at Abilene Christian University in Texas had a chance to win $1,000 if he made a half-court shot during the Wildcats’ men’s basketball home opener against Arlington Baptist. The student can be seen calmly walking up to half-court, looking like he was going to take a jump shot from the line, but instead suddenly thrusting his arm backward and launching the ball toward the basket. And by launch, I mean launch! Not only did the ball miss the backboard, it also missed the rim, the net, concessions, and everything else! It was so far off the mark that the ball landed in the stands about a dozen rows up, before bouncing back on to the court! He did almost hit another student watching the game. As expected, the student didn’t walk away with a big payday. This would be my luck right here. And now the video is going viral! Lol, watch