Keanu Has a Girlfriend and My Heart Can't Take It!!

Keanu has a girlfriend and my heart can't take it!

Just to clarify, I mean that my heart can’t take it because it is overflowing with all the feels. Keanu Reeves has had a tough go of it in life, his prior girlfriend Jennifer Syme having given birth to their stillborn child on Christmas Eve in 1999, and then two years later dying in a car wreck. His sister was also diagnosed with leukemia. Through all of this, Keanu has found a way to remain a nice guy and by all accounts is one of the most humble and gracious leading men in Hollywood.

He hasn’t publicly dated anyone in decades. Women across America sigh and clutch their hearts anytime Keanu’s handsome face crosses our screens. One of the only things we can unilaterally agree on is that Keanu Reeves most be protected at all costs.

And now!! He has a girlfriend!!! Her name is Alexandra Grant and she seems totally smitten (who wouldn’t be?) and she also is beautiful and age appropriate! Of course she is! Our Keanu wouldn’t date some floozy half his age! Only smart and lovely and beautiful for him. Alexandra is an artist who has worked with Keanu since 2011, illustrating two different books of his. We can only guess that they were friends first, before falling for each other, the best way for it to happen! Ugh, it's so romantic! What a day! I’m so happy!!!!

Look at this! Just look at it! She loves him!!

Yes, Miss Sassy, look back at it!!!

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