Cool or Creepy: Robot Clones Of Real People Are Now In Existence

So a Russian startup called Promobot is now selling self driving robots and buyers can choose to make the robots look like any person on Earth. Whoa! The future has arrived people! In a press release they said, “Imagine a replica of Michael Jordan selling basketball uniforms and William Shakespeare reading his own texts in a museum.” That's what they're going for. Promobot’s Robo-C can’t walk, but its neck and torso each have degrees of movement. Now, it's face has 18 moving parts, which allow the robot to produce 600 micro-expressions, and its AI has 100,000 speech modules. (This robot is no joke) And the company is already taking orders. So far they have started building four robot clones. One of the bots will be stationed in a government service center where it will perform several functions, including passport scans. Another will be a clone of Albert Einstein for a robot exhibition. To me, the aspect of having them in museums sounds cool, but it gets a little creepy with how real they look! Watch the video to learn more.