Woman Found Dead In House Filled With 140 Snakes

A 36 year old Indiana woman was found dead in a house filled with 140 snakes. An 8 foot reticulated python was wrapped around her neck.

Apparently the woman, whose name was Laura Hurst, didn't live there, it was considered a "reptile house" that she visited twice a week to feed her snakes. By all accounts Hurst loved snakes, had a passion for them, and owned about 20 of the 140 snakes living at the house. According to the Washington Post, snakes were even a part of her divorce negotiations. The house had been renovated to accommodate the snake collection, and the reptiles were stored and caged properly.

The person who discovered her was able to get the killer python off her neck, but medics were unsuccessful performing life-saving measures.

I feel bad for anyone that dies a tragic death, but I can't pretend to be shocked. You play around with snakes, you might get the squeeze.

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