Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you waited until the last minute to put together a Halloween costume, I feel your pain. Here are some of the best last minute costume ideas that I pulled from social media, hopefully you can find something that will suit you!

Here's an awesome couples costume idea. Their example is cute, but really all you have to do is wear the same outfit as your significant other, and write the hashtags on your t-shirts.

If you're a guy you'll just look like you dressed for a regular day, haha, so this idea works for the females a little better, but we don't judge in 2019 so anyone can do it! Dress in your favorite athletes gear, or raid your boyfriend/brother/father's closet, grab a sports ball and you're done!

Instead of Little red riding hood, a teenaged red riding hood!

A black blazer and tie with a white shirt and sunglasses are all pretty basic clothing items you might have in your closet or could borrow from a friend or family member. Grab a tube of lipstick or mascara and hold it up to be an agent from the Men in Black movies.

This is perfect for pregnant ladies, or even if you're not! All you need is a white t-shirt and some markers and you can be Wilson the volleyball from castaway!

Inspector Gadget. Or Sherlock Holmes, or Watson. If you have a raincoat and tie, all you need is a magnifying glass to complete this look.

All you really need for this costume is a poster board and a friend.

Sk8tr boi Avril Lavigne wouldn't be too hard to put together, put on a tie and a sideways hat and you're golden.

A robe and a bunch of stuffed animals is all you need to be a crazy cat lady, or animal hoarder. You don't even need to comb your hair!

A baker. Super easy, but if you have a white apron it would be funny to wear this outfit and shout at people all night and say you're Gordon Ramsey.

Lumberjack or Post Malone? Does it even matter?

All you need to become Ariana Grande is any kind of cute outfit and some ears. Here is a video on how to DIY some ears. There are many how-to videos on how to make fancier ears, but this is for truly last minute needs. You could also use the same concept to make rounded mouse ears, or different colors to be different animals.

And finally, cat and scarecrow are the classic last-minute Halloween costumes! If you have a black shirt you're a cat, if you have a plaid shirt, you're a scarecrow, just make a few marks on your face with an eyebrow pencil and you're good to go! Happy Halloween everyone, have fun and be safe out there tonight! You've got a whole year to plan out that elaborate, perfectly funny yet original costume, and a whole year to procrastinate and end up wearing this year's costume all over again!

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