Uh Oh! Cheating Wedding Guest Caught By The DJ's Photobooth Pics!

Uh oh! Cheaters caught by the photobooth pics! So a wedding guest was caught cheating with a married father in the event photobooth after the DJ innocently shared all of the events photos online! A woman who attended the wedding spotted the photos of the cheaters and shared them on social media. Yikes! She pointed out that the woman in the pictures arrived at the event alongside another man, who she was getting close to in the same photobooth, not long before kissing another man. That other man turned out to be a married father, whose children watched the infidelity take place! (So tacky!) One of the wedding guest said the wife of the married man uploaded the photo of her cheating husband to her social media page after seeing it online. Savage! Check out the full story by watching the video.