McKamey Manor, America's Most Extreme Haunted House Experience

It's haunted house season and I love a good scare so I started researching different places to go. In my googling I found out about McKamey Manor, and their two locations-- one in Nashville, Tennessee and one in Huntsville, Alabama. This place has been around for many years so some of you haunted house enthusiasts have probably already heard of it, but I haven't. They are the self-proclaimed "Most Extreme Haunted House Experience" in America. They are non-profit, and it doesn't cost anything to go other than a donation of dog food for rescue dogs.

I watched a video of what happens there and I was DISTURBED. McKamey Manor themselves film extensive hours long videos of the participants during their experience and post them up on Youtube. One of the requirements before you enter is that you have to watch their montage video of everyone who quits the experience so you know what you're getting into. No one has ever made it through the long tour (there is also a short tour.) I only watched a few highlights, and I freely admit that there is absolutely NO WAY I would ever go to this place.

The list of requirements to even be eligible to enter is extensive, including being screened, completing a physical, passing a background check, proof of medical insurance, signing a 40 page waiver and passing a drug test on the day you attend. The actors ARE allowed to touch you, but you aren't allowed to touch them, and you are expected to leave with bruises and possible broken bones.

This doesn't sound like a haunted house to me, it sounds like volunteering for straight up torture, but if you still feel like you want to go, I have more bad news for you. The waiting list is 24,000 people long.

Check Out McKamey Manor's Website HERE

Check out McKamey Manor's Youtube page HERE

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