SC Car Dealership Gives Away Bible, Flag, And Gun With Every Car Sold

God, guns, and America! Yeeeee yeeeeee!! That's the name of the promotion that the Carolina Ford car dealership in Honea Path, South Carolina is running. When you buy a vehicle from them, they will give you a Bible, an American flag, and a Smith & Wesson AR. You'll drive off the lot with the Bible and the flag, but the "gun" is actually a $400 gift certificate to a local tactical store in the area. The gift certificate can be used for other things in the store, but if the customer chooses to get the AR, they will have to bring their ID, pass the required background checks, and they are not allowed to give the certificate to anyone else.

General Manager Derrick Hughes says-

"The promotion is not a political statement about gun control. Rather, it's an affirmation of South Carolina's church-going traditions and popular local activities like hunting for feral hogs."

The promotion has been popular, and apparently, people are even driving in from different states to take advantage of the deal.

More details from CBS News HERE

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