McCall Farms Trying To Bring 200 More Jobs to Florence

McCall Farms currently employs 1,000 people who operate a 1.1 million square foot manufacturing facility in Effingham, according their website. Through an ordinance proposed to the Florence County Council, we've learned that they are looking towards an expansion that would be a $50 million dollar investment and could create 200 more jobs in Florence County.

According to WPDE:

"The project being formed is called "Can Can." The agenda for Florence County council's Thursday meeting shows county council members will discuss a" Fee-In-Lieu Of Tax And Incentive Agreement By And Between Florence County And McCall Farms, Inc. The ordinance shows the project will benefit the public welfare of the county by providing service, employment, recreation or other benefits not otherwise provided locally."

If the expansion comes to fruition, keep an eye on McCall Farms website for employment opportunities.

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