The Most Expensive Steak In The World

I'm sitting here super hungry, just waiting on lunch hour to get here. I've got a poor man's lunch in the fridge, a bowl of chili and some cornbread, and truth be told, I'm not even the best chili maker so I'm really wishing that I had something better to eat. I wish that I had enough time to go get a steak. I also wish that I had enough money to go get a steak. I mean, I can afford a steak in general, but that's more like a Friday night splurge rather than a regular weekday lunch. Anyway, I got to thinking about the most expensive steak in the world so I looked it up.

Apparantly it's Japanese Wagyu a5 beef.

Expensive Wagyu beef comes with a certificate of authenticity, telling you how much the cow weighed, how old it was, and the day it went to slaughter.

Skip to 1:42 in this video to see it.

According to the

Kobe comes from the Japanese Black breed of cattle (one of the four breeds that can officially be called wagyu) that are raised in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture according to very strict rules. These cows are pampered to no end (stories are told of massages, classical music and beer feedings), and the end result is beef that’s so intensely marbled that it’s a full two notches above Prime, which is the most marbled grade on the USDA’s scale. And because of the cows’ diet, the marbling is full of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, so it’s not actually as unhealthy as it appears.

How much does this steak cost?

Around $350 bucks.

That's not prepared in a fancy restaurant, that's just for the cut of meat, bought frozen online from here: The Holy Grail

That's a lot of money for one meal, but not something that I couldn't save up for and have one day in the future, on a very special occasion. I'll dream about it while I eat this lukewarm bowl of chili.

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