Sesame Street Introduces New Character Whose Mom Has Addiction

Sesame Street has forever and will always be my favorite childhood show. I think every adult can say they want their child to watch this show too, for very good reason. Not only are the characters and actors there to teach children about letters, numbers, manners, and being nice, but now they have added characters with real life issues that are very relatable to many of the children who watch the show.

Sesame Street added a new character back in May named Karli. Karli is in and out of foster care because her mother is going through a rough time.....a very rough time. Now we know why, Karli's mother has an addiction. The creator of Sesame Street said they turned to the issue of addiction since data shows 5.7 million children under the age of 11 live in a household with a parent who has some form of addiction/substance abuse disorder.

This new character is here to let children know they are not alone. Karli is here to help bring light to this issue that many children deal with and let them know that it is in no way shape or form their fault.

I think this is probably one of the best characters they could have added to their show. It is important for children with or without parents of addiction to see this. Maybe other children will understand what their friend may be going through.


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