Family Visits South Carolina And Finds 44 lbs. Of Cocaine!

People love to visit our state (South Carolina) for all the great areas, especially the beach. Well a family recently visiting South Carolina pulled a package from the ocean that contained 44 pounds of cocaine! So the family was walking along the beach when they found the trash bag-wrapped package. They cut it open at their rental home and found white bricks of cocaine inside. They immediately called police who said the cocaine was worth over $600,000! Cops aren’t sure where the drugs came from.  Now this happened in Beaufort County, at Fripp Island. But this isn't the first time a package of cocaine was found along our shores. Remember, about 4 months ago, a couple of fisherman "caught" 30 lbs. of cocaine. Apparently more than tourists love our beautiful coasts, the drug runners do too! So next time you're enjoying the beach and a bag washes up be careful, you never know what's inside!

Picture source: Getty Images