Mattel Unveils It's New Career Barbie Doll

Barbie has come a very long way from my day. I know she has been around since what, the 50's?...but even since I was a little girl Barbie only had jobs like baby sitting and dog walking. It is nice to see her with a GREAT career.

Barbie's new career is.....JUDGE. That is right. There is now a Judge Barbie. Thank you Mattel. Apparently they chose a judge after learning that only 33% of sitting US state judges are women. I had no idea the percent was so small.

I am glad they put out a great career for her because girls can do ANYTHING they set their mind to. It is important for them to see dolls as such as well. Helps the girls get motivated and say to themselves, 'hey, I can be a judge one day if I want to!"