Strange Or No? Bride Uses Her Father's Ashes For Her Wedding Day Nails

So this is interesting. When a UK bride’s dad lost his life to cancer four months before her wedding, she started to think of ways she could honor him on her big day. Well, she decided to add his ashes into her wedding day nails. The bride and her cousin, who is a manicurist, went through her dad’s ashes to find elements that would work for the nails. They used both the fine, dust-like pieces and the ‘tiny bits of bone fragment’. The bride’s cousin created a manicure with the ashes encased in the tips. After the wedding, the bride removed the nails and glued them to a photo frame. Now, she hopes to use the remaining ashes to have jewelry made. What are your thoughts on this? The video shows step-by-step how she did it. (It's a little long, but skip towards the end to see it all).