We Taste Tested the New Pumpkin Pie Flavored Kit Kat’s 

We love trying new products and new flavors so when we saw the new Pumpkin Pie flavored Kit Kat’s at the Walmart on Beltline here in Florence we definitely had to grab a bag and give them a taste. 

On a scale of 1-5, 1 being bad/no and 5 being excellent/yes:

First and foremost, in general did they taste good?

Fisher - 4

Mattie - 5

Fisher- “I felt they were very sweet and rich and couldn’t eat a lot of them, two or three of the bite size ones and I’m good.”

Mattie- “YES!! I LOVED THEM! Kit Kat’s are my favorite chocolate candy and plus I really like pumpkin flavored things during fall so these are awesome and right up my alley. I’ll look forward to them every year.”

Did they taste like pumpkin pie?

Fisher - 5

Mattie - 5

Fisher- “Yes.”

Mattie- “I tasted hints of cinnamon and a definite creamy pumpkin flavor. They are just like the pie.”

Would you buy them again?

Fisher - 3

Mattie - 5

Fisher- “I didn’t buy these, hahaha, and even though I liked them, I would probably still buy the white chocolate Kit Kat’s before these.”

Mattie- “I would definitely buy them again! I can get chocolate and white chocolate Kit Kat’s anytime so when fall comes around I would be looking for these. I like seasonal flavors.”

Would you recommend them to a friend?

Fisher - 5

Mattie - 5

Fisher- “Yes, I would say to anyone who likes pumpkin pie they would like these. Especially all the girls drinking PSL’s, you’re gonna love these!”

Mattie- “hhahaaa, yes, I agree.”

Picture Source: Mattie Jarrett (feel free to steal it)