Is Nike's "JoyRide" Sneaker The Most Comfortable Shoe Ever?

We both love sneakers though both Mattie and I lean stripes over checks. But I got to admit, I'm hearing a ton of buzz on these new Nike "Joyride" sneakers. Some are claiming that these kicks are the most comfortable sneaker on the market. Well they certainly are made for the wow factor, with hundreds of tiny balls in the back underneath the heel. The price tag is typical for this quality of sneaker, ranging between $180-$200 a pair. I've personally owned two pair of Nike sneakers in my life. The first were a pair of hand-me-down Jordan's when I was like 11. The other were a pair of Nike Cortez which I liked for the vintage look. But I'm not even gonna lie, these Joyrides look nice! Watch the video to learn more about what the sneaker is all about. (I'm still sticking to my Adidas though! LOL) Maybe you'll give them a try.