Man Had Multiple Amputations Due To A Dog Lick

A Wisconsin man lost parts of his arms and legs as well as the skin of his nose and part of his upper lip. The cause was capnocytophaga. So what exactly is capnocytophaga? Well, it's a germ commonly found in the saliva of cats and dogs and almost never leads to people getting sick, unless the person has a compromised immune system. But the man (Greg Manteufel) was perfectly healthy. So what happened almost 12 months ago that led to him having multiple amputations? The case is extremely rare and doctors had no explanation for his illness. But over the last 10 years there have been at least five other healthy people who have had severe reactions to the germ. The disease caused sepsis, a severe blood infection that led to his blood pressure dropping and many of his organs shutting down. So a team of researchers connected with Harvard Medical School has developed a theory on why — a gene change in all the victims. And with their findings, now doctors can’t rule out the capnocytophaga bacteria could strike him, and other victims again! So scary! Check out the video of Greg when he first got infected about 11 months ago. And here's the link on the latest on him and what scientist are learning: