Youth Sports: Referees Are Dropping Out Due To Parents Behavior

Youth sports officials and referees are quitting their jobs at record rates because of parents’ poor behavior during games. The National Federation of State High School Associations said 80 percent of officials quit before they reached the third-year mark on the job. A Fox News report stated, “One driving force behind the trend is increasingly abusive and belligerent behavior by parents, including verbal abuse, threats and even fights.” Both my kids play youth sports (soccer and basketball) and I've never witnessed any problems from the sidelines. Every now-and-then you have a parent that is very vocal, but nothing crazy. Every season, I do hear about parents that have caused scenes while at their child's games. As parents, we need to set examples for our kids. Gotta keep it classy, cause with no officials, there are no games! Here's a video of a fight that broke out during a youth baseball game in another state. Watch.