WATCH: 2 Shoppers In A Georgia Walmart Do An Impromptu Duet

We all know that going to Wal-Mart can be entertaining (you never know what you will see or hear). And that was no exception at a Wally-world in Georgia the other day. A crowd gathered and witnessed two strangers singing “If This World Were Mine” by Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn. A woman was walking along the aisles while humming when another shopper noticed her. He ended up stopping the woman and the two chatted before he asks her if she knows the song. The woman did and that’s when the man started to sing. Amazing voices! Just watch the video. Halfway throught the song, a crowd started to gather in the aisles. When they were done, the crowd ended up clapping for them. Shows you the power of music. Total strangers, yet sing so beautifully together.