Watch Out Lego, Funko Pop's Are Getting Their Own Movie!

The Lego Movie not only won a place on our hearts, but was a huge financial success, earning 469 million at the box office worldwide on a 60 million dollar budget. It also gifted us with one of the catchiest songs to ever reach our ears. No one can ever just say "everything is awesome" anymore, it must be sung, and then repeated for the next hour.

However, the Lego Movie 2 wasn't as successful. There was a 50% drop on opening weekend compared to the original. Maybe that's why Warner Brothers decided to move on to Funko Toys. Or maybe it's just because Funko Pops are insanely popular with people of all ages collecting their favorite figurines and they deserve some time on the big screen. Either way, we're getting a Funko film, and they're going to do it right. Oscar-nominated director and designer Teddy Newton is creating the storyline, and Disney Animation veteran director Mark Dindal is also connected with the movie.

In an article from Deadline, Funko CEO Brian Mariotti said

“We’re thrilled for this opportunity and are committed to make an amazing Funko movie that stands on its own merit. This isn’t about selling toys or building a brand. The team at Warner Animation Group have a unique vision of what the first film should be and we are extremely excited to take this journey alongside them.”

I just hope the soundtrack is AWESOME!

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