Kale, Pizza, Ham, and Mac and Cheese Flavored Candy Canes Now On Sale

Candy Canes aren't just peppermint flavored anymore. In recent years, I've seen spearmint and fruit flavored ones, but I've never seen any near as crazy as the ones from candy company Archie McPhee. They just added kale candy canes to their lineup. If you're asking yourself, do they really taste like kale? Their Instagram claims, "All the flavor of kale with none of the nutritional benefits!"

Along with kale, they added pizza and ham flavors this year. They were already selling mac and cheese, clam, pickle, bacon and coal flavors.

The second best thing about these candy canes is they look like normal candy canes, so you could innocently hand one to a friend and watch as they attempt that first lick. The first best thing? They're inexpensive- at $6.50 a box. It might be fun to buy some of these for the stockings of the 'naughty' ones on your list this year!

Here's their website if you want to look around:


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