Bye Bye Red Jeep, Thanks For The Memories!

Hurricane Dorian was the biggest story of the week, perhaps the biggest story of the summer, but somehow an abandoned red Jeep overshadowed the Category 5 hurricane. Thursday morning brought the news that a Jeep was in the middle of the ocean, and people could not imagine how it got there. The police tracked down the owner and we soon found out that he had lent the Jeep to his cousin, who drove it on the beach to get a picture of the sunset, and got it stuck. No one was willing to tow it out because of the storm, and the world was fascinated. We watched it on a live stream the entire day, placing bets on whether the waves would wash it out to sea. No such luck. It eventually got towed out the old fashioned way, and we all had a moment of sadness. One beautiful man even played "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes for the loss. Thanks for the memories red Jeep, and God bless the meme makers, may they live to make us laugh another day.