Eyes Are On Hurricane Dorian This Labor Day Weekend

So even though it's Labor Day weekend (pretty much the official wrap up to summer) and in the Pee Dee area it's also Darlington Race weekend, we all are keeping a very close eye on Hurricane Dorian. Within the last few years, hurricanes and or hurricane-related weather has caused some serious issues for us here in the Pee Dee and Coastal area. After I left Darlington Raceway on Friday, I noticed a ton of bucket trucks at different hotels and restaurants in Florence. I had the opportunity to chat with a group of linemen who were from the DC area, and were headed to Florida (which is where currently the main part of Dorian is forecasted to hit). Instantly I told them thank you for what they were doing and to be careful. They were very appreciative and told me, "they love the fact that there job is here to help during times like this." It really hit me. Here's one group of many that go into these storms to help in the way they know how. Just remember, even if the storm misses us, there will be people that will need a helping hand. Please keep in mind the website: https://www.redcross.org as the next few days go by. And the best way during this holiday weekend and next week to track Dorian, is checking to our website: http://103xonline.iheart.com We will have the latest on this storm. And keep all law enforcement, emergency management services, power companies, and anyone else working in the storm in your prayers. I know I will be. ~ Fisher