Doctors Regrow Man's Hand...By Attaching It To His Groin!

So this is some Frankenstein stuff for real! A British carpenter was cutting floorboards with an electric saw when he slipped and cut his hand in two places. Ouch! It was nearly a double amputation. He was rushed to the hospital where surgeons were looking at a total mess but decided to try and piece it back together. Since his detached fingers were getting warm the surgeons had to get started. The doctors did surgery for 17 hours straight and were able to eventually get his hand in some working order. When everything was finished, doctors realized there still wasn't enough skin to cover his palm, so they came up with a crazy plan. They cut a section of skin from his groin and sewed his hand into the open patch and left it there for two weeks! Can you imagine walking around with a hand down there fella?! The craziest part is that it actually worked! After a couple of weeks they were able to cut his hand free. He has a bunch of healing to do but he’s already regained some movement in his hand. This such a crazy story, but at least his hand is now back attached to his arm. Check out the full story, and pics of the mans hand here: