Panic! At The Disco Fan Returns Stolen Award With Apology Letter

Panic! At The Disco's stolen APMA trophy for their 2016 Song of the Year win has been returned to the band alongside an apology note.

On Monday (April 22), Zack Hall, the band's tour manager, took to Instagram to share a photo of the broken statue and a handwritten letter from the fan. In case you didn't know, the band's trophy was one of three items stolen from their House of Memories exhibit that let VIP members explore a lounge filled with rare band memorabilia. Among the other stolen items included a robe that Brendon Urie wore in the music video for "Victorious" and a rare polaroid from 2007. "Went and emptied out the fan mail P.O. Box and look what was in there. I guess even though it’s broke in half, at least we got it back….?" Hall captioned a shot of the award and note.

In the letter, the unnamed fan apologized for the theft, admitting that one too many drinks were involved in the crime. "I am so sorry for taking this, and regardless if it’s just a prop or not, I sincerely apologize with all my being," the note reads. "I was extremely drunk and made a very poor decision while in this state. Since then, I have felt beyond unsettled about the matter. Both as a person and a musician, you have impacted my life tremendously. Ever since I would listen to Fever and Pretty Odd on my 8th grade bus rides, I knew my life was changed. Best wishes on the rest of this tour and your future endeavors."

In August 2018, Hall told his Twitter following that the polaroid was "oddly returned" to him, but after taking a look at the comments to in his latest post, the robe is still missing in action.

Photo: Getty Images