Get In Formation — Beyoncé Just Launched The Next Viral Dance Challenge

Ok ladies (and gentlemen) now let's get in formation, 'cause Queen Bey just launched the #BeforeILetGoChallenge and she's posting her favorite entries to her personal Instagram Story!

In her on-going campaign to let the world know she really is the HBIC, Beyoncé shared her first-ever Instagram Story, which featured dozens of clips from fans dancing to her new "Before I Let Go" cover, on Monday (April 22), subsequently launching the next big viral dance craze.

The challenge asks that fans submit their own choreographed dance videos to her version of "Before I Let Go" by using the hashtag #BeforeILetGoChallenge. While the choreography isn't stringent, the lyrics provide a general guideline for the dance moves:

Turn around, kick, then slide/ And twirl that a** to the right, now/ Ooh, bunny hop, bunny hop, drop, pop/ Cross your legs, turn around and clap/ Shuffle to the left, let's glide now/ Ooh, drop it down, drop it down low, low

As fans know, Bey dropped the Bey-ified track —which samples Frankie Beverly and Maze's 1981 hit "Before I Let Go" and Cameo's 1986 hit "Candy" — on her newly released live album Homecoming, recorded during her history-making 2018 Coachella performance. Bey’s version though includes new lyrics that reference her Coachella set: "I pull up to Coachella (pull up)/In boots with the goose feathers/I brought the squad with me."

Beyoncé's dance challenge is one of her many gifts to fans in recent days. Just last week she dropped her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, and, as previously mentioned, her surprise accompanying 40-track Homecoming live album. If that wasn't enough to get the Beyhive excited, Bey released her game-changing album Lemonade to all streaming services, including iHeartRadio, without warning on Tuesday (April 23) in honor of the project's three-year anniversary.

Clearly, Beyoncé is ready to own all of Summer 2019!

Photo: Getty Images