Shawn Mendes Says He Doesn't Wash His Face & People Are SICK About It

Shawn Mendes does not wash his face. I repeat, Shawn Mendes does not wash his face...or so he says.

Now, one might read that and say "ew," but if you're living your life according to Shawn's logic, washing your face is not necessary if you're leading a happy, healthy life.

"I’m not lying when I tell you guys that I just don’t wash my face," he responded to a fan question about his skin care routine during a recent Q&A. "I meditate a lot. I think skin is very based on how you’re feeling. You could rub dirt on your face, but if you’re happy, you won’t break out!"

"When you're unhappy, sad, or stressed I think that's when you break out the most," he continued. "So, honestly, do everything that will make you happier, I think."

The reactions to Shawn's, let's just say, bold statement were pretty much in line with what you'd expect them to be. Not only were fans shocked and, some even, appalled by the words that came out of his mouth — one fan can be heard saying in the video "I must be sad all the time" — many accused the 20-year-old singer of lying. Especially since there are tons of pictures of Shawn wearing face masks on the Internet, which fans deemed as proof that the "Nervous" singer does, in fact, do more than "be happy" to take take care of his skin.

Check out some of the funniest reactions to Shawn's "I don't wash my face" claim, below:

Photo: Getty Images